HSS- and HSS-E metal saw blades in all types and coatings

Cutting Workpiece: pipes, rounds and sections with carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals; 

Cutting Temperature: room temperature;  

Cutting Machine: flying sawing machine for HSS circular cold saw; 

Cutting Application: cutting to length; 

Blade Material: M2 (DMo5) HSS; 

Main Process: heat-treatment, grinding, leveling, teeth grinding; 

Main Specification: Ф250mm-600mm

Bw teeth profile: basic teeth profile for steel pipes; 

Br teeth profile: optimum teeth profile for steel pipes cutting with a high speed; 

Hz teeth profile: available for cutting rounds or pipes with thick walls.

TiAlN-coated surface With extremely high micro hardness and thermal hardness, it is suitable for the tools with high thermal tension coating, especially in the processing of high hardness and austenitic stainless steel and duplex stainless steel finish machining and rough machining. It is also with good heat shock resistance performance; the above characteristics make it an ideal choice for fast interrupted cutting applications and widely used in carbide turning, milling, drilling and gear cutting tools coating. 

TiN-coated surface It is the most typical and common PVD- super hardness coatings and mainly used for turning, milling, drilling ,gear cutting tool wear resistant coating and injection molding anti-connection, improve the lubrication and wear protection. 

TiCN-coated surface The hardness of TiCN is higher than TIN, but the coefficient of friction is lower. It is used for the processing of materials with abrasive or strong toughness, such as cast steel, copper alloy or aluminum alloy, etc.