With more than 25 year experience in manufacturing TCT saw blades and also by providing applied technical support to our national and international customers we have gained a top reputation for our high quality level.

We put emphasis on the impeccable quality of our products. "The competitiveness of a company in the international market place is determined by the quality of its processes. A quality management system is an efficient tool for dealing with all quality demands, facing a modern, innovative company." Permanent quality inspections an optical measuring between the numerous steps of the manufactoring process surpass the requirements of certifications and thereby guarantee the highest precision in production. First body blades are manufactured according to our design and specifications. The manufactoring process requires special technical and mechanical knowledge and skills. The complete production process is accompanied by measuring and testing processes with corresponding documentation and certification. Of course, we rely on the latest testing technology, but also - and this is of particular significance - on the experience, the eye and the skills of our staff. We permanently review our production - and optimize wherever optimization is required.