Custom production - Tool design - 
Service - Technical advice

In addition to standard tools we develop and manufacture special tools, in particular, according to the specific customer needs. Except for those products we provide to these customers a complex of related services such as sharpening, repair, modification and overhaul. 

The make, type and operating performance of YOUR sawing machine are important factors for determining the best saw blade for YOUR needs. With the aid of specially developed computer programs the best possible TCT-saw blade will be designed and manufactured according to YOUR specific conditions including YOUR expectations on cutting cycle and cut-off quality.

Our technical support will gladly provide on-site technical support, help optimizing cutting parameters, and help finding the best solution to extending the saw blade's life time.

We acquire our clients from all sectors of the metallurgical, steel processing and manufacturing industry:

Steel sector:

steel and rolling mills, forges, metal forming technology, tube mills, rail makers and rail maintenance and repair services, ring rolling mills, mechanical engineering, foundries, constructional steelworks, steel service centers, and so on

Copper, bronze, brass sector:

section mills, steel slab (bar) mills, press works, and so on

Aluminum and aluminum alloy sector:

ingot mold foundries, permanent mold casting foundries, press works, and so on