HSS- and HSS-E segmental saw blades up to ∅ 1610 mm

  • Cutting Workpiece: solids and sections with carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron and non-ferrous metals like aluminum and copper; 
  • Cutting Temperature: room temperature; Cutting Machine:sawing machine for HSS segmental circular saw blades; 
  • Cutting Application: cutting to length, cutting sample; 
  • Blade Material: low alloy tool steel; 
  • Segments Material: HSS; Main Process: heat-treatment, grinding, leveling, teeth welding, teeth grinding, teeth blunting; 
  • Main producing process: heat-treatment, shoulder turning, rivets, hole drilling, side grinding, slot milling, assembling, teeth grinding, water slots grinding; 
  • Technical Character: As a kind of combined cutting tool, the HSS segments with slot are mounted into the saw body with shoulders made of alloy tool steel. Then the segments and the saw body are riveted together in order to make the blade remain relatively stable;
  • Main Specification: Ф275mm-Ф1610mm (Ф2015mm).