Cold Saw Blades Cermet and TCT tipped

Super-thin with high-speed cutting circular saw blade is a professional cutting tool equipped with special sawing machine. It is widely used in the fields of machinery, automobile metallurgy etc. and can be used both in the production online cutting and samples offine cutting. It is a good substitute cutting tools for traditional band saw and shearing cutting etc.


Cold Saw Blade

Suitable for cutting solid alloy and carbon steel.

Such as S45C(AISI 1045)、SCM415(AISI 4115)...and so on.


Stainless Cold Saw Blade

Cutting stainless steel (SUS) only.

Using tungsten carbide saw tips.


Aluminium Cold Saw Blade

series was design especially for cutting solid aluminum.


Copper Cold Saw Blade

Unique angle design for cutting copper


Pipe Cold Saw Blade

For cutting pipe, recommend 100T or 120T.


Coating TCT Saw Blade

Suitable for cutting high hardness steel, like S55C...and so on

ST18PVD has 30% cutting life increase than ST18